Read of the Week: ONE DARK THRONE

One Dark Throne is the sequel to Kendare Blake's high fantasy novel, Three Dark Crowns. In case you haven't read the first book, here's the premise: A set of triplets is always born to the ruling queen on the island of Fennbirn, each with a magical ability. The sisters are separated at the age of six to live... Continue Reading →


Read of the Week: WARCROSS

I want to do a reoccurring blog post called "Read of the Week" in which I basically review and share my thoughts about any books I happen to be reading. (I guess this defeats the purpose of having a Goodreads account. Oh well!) For my first "Read of the Week", I want to discuss a... Continue Reading →

Freeform Poetry

Despite my lack of activity here, I've found that I really enjoy blogging. It's been a couple months since my last post, and since I'm desperate I've decided to share some of my freeform poetry (I should be studying for exams, but you know how that goes). There are not many things that are more satisfying... Continue Reading →

Managing Stress

So...I didn't plan this post out before I wrote it and as a result, it's not structured in any way. Basically, I'm just rambling, so I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm all over the place. ANYWAYS, enjoy!   I used to constantly think to myself, "I just have to do these things, finish this... Continue Reading →

Tips for Young Writers

Yes, I realize that the feature image has nothing to do with this topic, but it's pretty, alright? Just roll with it. Anyways, I've recently had the wonderful opportunity to write a guest post on a website that is essential for book-lovers, YA Books Central. The link to view it is at the end of... Continue Reading →

The Beauty of New England

The New England states have a beauty of their own, especially on the countryside. Most of these pictures were taken in a small community and now historical site, Plymouth Notch, Vermont.   Plymouth Notch, VT, the birthplace and childhood home of the 30th president, Calvin Coolidge There's the country and then there's Boston  

Poems to Help

The following is a series of poems that are meant to help anyone going through a hard time. I hope they are relatable and provide comfort or strength to anyone who needs it. Sadness, struggle, and depression are hard things to talk about, but knowing you're not alone can make a world of difference. All work... Continue Reading →

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